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    The European Union or will I steel fasteners waving the big stick of anti-dumping After a year of legal battle is related to nearly 600 million euros a year exports of Chinese fastener products may eventually still have to face EU anti-dumping ""big stick."" Actively responding to the Chinese business representatives on the 24th, told reporters the European Union are likely to be on the 26th decided to levy up to 87% of the formal anti-dumping duties. Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China Fasteners Import & Export Enterprise Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Feng, 24, in Brussels, said that while Chinese enterprises have made a great effort, but on behalf of EU member states in 26-day meeting is likely to be adopted by the European Commission's recommendations , decided on Chinese exports to the EU bolts, nuts and other iron and steel fasteners levy ranging from 63% to 87% of the high anti-dumping duties. The European Commission November 9, 2007 decision on steel fasteners originating in China initiated anti-dumping investigations. After a year of trial, the European Commission has made a beginning of Chinese enterprises unfavorable antidumping final ruling, once approved by member countries, China's fastener products will face a formal anti-dumping duty, usually a period of 5 years. Zhang Feng said that in 2007, China's total exports to the EU fasteners around 575 million euros, anti-dumping, once implemented, involving an amount greater. However, in this case, the Chinese side believes that the European Commission ruled that there is a big problem. As early as in the case proceedings, including Jiaxing Fastener Import & Export Enterprise Association of China, including respondent pointed out that the European Commission's own analysis have shown that the EU is not the same manufacturer because the Chinese fastener products to increase exports to the EU damaged, while the existence of industrial injury is the EU anti-dumping measures of the necessary conditions. Zhang Feng said that in fact Chinese enterprises exporting to the EU fastener products are mostly low-end product, with the EU flagship high-end enterprise product does not compete with fastener is completely complementary relationship, but the EU Commission has been ignoring this fact, bent on Central Europe as a fastener products similar products. China hired a lawyer in Brussels, Robert McLean that the reason why the support of the European Commission to impose anti-dumping duties, and more are driven by political factors, not only legally untenable but is also economically uneconomical. According to Jiaxing Fastener Import & Export Enterprise Association estimated that, if the rate of 70% of the middle, the European Union consumers will be at least a year have to pay 373 million euros. McLean warned that the financial crisis ravaging the circumstances, the anti-dumping duties will only make matters worse the EU-related industries. Zhang Feng said, in order to counter the practice of the EU's trade protectionism, China's fastener manufacturers have requested the Chinese government will appeal the case to the World Trade Organization dispute settlement mechanism, and decided in the domestic joint ventures for both the EU proceedings. Meanwhile, China fastener manufacturers also apply to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, called for fasteners imported from the European Union initiated anti-dumping investigations. Statistics show that the EU is China's major export markets, fasteners, accounting for exports of about 1 / 3.